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The equipment you can trust for everything you need to see and everything you can’t. 

Pets depend on their humans to keep them safe. Their humans depend on you. You can depend on us. From May through July 2019, you can save on Midmark exam, treatment and procedure lights and M9 and M11 sterilizers.

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Eligible Products and Incentives:

Exam, Treatment and Procedure Lights—For Everything You Need to See

You can treat only what you can see. Get the true, reduced-shadow white light you need to see details and diagnose tissue—all without drifting. Choose Midmark LED lights in your examination and treatment areas for superior illumination and results.


255 LED Procedure Lights

Single $100 Rebate

Dual $300 Rebate

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120 LED Exam Lights

Single $50 Rebate

Dual $135 Rebate

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130 LED Exam Lights

Single $65 Rebate

Dual $145 Rebate

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Sterilization—For Everything You Can’t See

Humans aren’t the only ones susceptible to blood-borne illnesses. Get the ASME-certified sterilizers that protect your staff, protect your clinic from OSHA fines, and protect your patients from secondary infection and illness. Remove the shadow of a doubt with the Midmark M9 or M11 steam sterilizer.


Midmark M9 Automatic Sterilizers

$350 Rebate

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Midmark M11 Automatic Sterilizers

$400 Rebate

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Promotion order period:
May 1– July 31, 2019

Last date to take shipment of products:
August 31, 2019

Invoice must be dated: 
May 1– August 31, 2019

Last date to claim incentives: 
September 15, 2019


For product or promotion inquiries, please contact the Midmark Animal Health customer experience department at 844.856.1236.


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